Health Courses in Australia

Health, n.f.d.

Health, n.f.d. Courses

CourseEstimated total fees
Doctor of Philosophy (Allied Health) 4 Years$131,400.00
Master of Leadership and Management in Health Care$50,592.00
Graduate Diploma of Health and Science Research$42,300.00
Bachelor of Health Science$124,577.00
Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours)$39,134.00
Doctor of Philosophy (Health and Behavioural Sciences, Medicine and Biomedical Sciences$188,172.00
Postgraduate International Placement Program$15,620.00
Postgraduate International Placement Program$31,240.00
Bachelor of Applied Exercise Science / Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology$225,030.00
Doctor of Philosophy (Genetic Counselling, Health, Health Economics, Indigenous Health, Midwifery, Nursing, Orthoptics, Physiotherapy, Public Health, Speech Pathology)$157,960.00
Master of Philosophy$69,842.00
Bachelor of Health Sciences/Bachelor of Arts$137,424.00
Bachelor of Health Sciences$122,872.00
Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours)$39,289.00
Doctor of Philosophy (Health Sciences)$160,000.00
Master of Applied Science$88,400.00
Master of Health Sciences$83,200.00
Bachelor of Applied Science$114,000.00
Diploma in Health and Human Bioscience$42,800.00
Associate Degree in Health and Human Bioscience$85,600.00
Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sciences)$199,851.88
Master of Primary Health Care$118,245.60
Doctor of Philosophy (Health)$160,516.34
Master of Philosophy (Health)$77,112.00
Graduate Certificate of Research Methods [Tropical Health and Medicine]$16,480.00
Graduate Diploma of Research Methods [Tropical Health and Medicine]$32,960.00
Bachelor of Science$99,570.00
Master of Health Science$79,230.00
Graduate Certificate in Health Science$15,650.00
Doctor of Health Science$83,350.00
Bachelor of Human Services/Bachelor of Justice$136,700.00
Bachelor of Health Science / Bachelor of Media and Communication$89,600.00
Master of Health Science$62,100.00
Bachelor of Health Science$104,188.00
Bachelor of Health Science (Honours)$34,821.00
Bachelor of Health Sciences$87,180.00
Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs Practice$30,552.00
Graduate Diploma of Health Professional Practice$29,832.00
Master of Medical Science (Health)$74,592.00
Bachelor of Health Science$85,140.00
Master of Health (Research Studies)/PhD$122,345.00
Diploma in Health Science/ Bachelor of Health Science$85,140.00
Diploma in Health Science/ Bachelor of Health Science (HPE)$85,140.00
Doctor of Philosophy (Health Science)$122,000.00
Master of Science (Health Science)$62,000.00
Diploma of Health Sciences$32,500.00
Diploma of Health Care$33,500.00
Diploma of Health Sciences$34,000.00
Certificate III in Individual Support$6,600.00
Certificate IV in Ageing Support$14,800.00