Horticulture and Viticulture Courses in Australia

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Horticulture and Viticulture, n.f.d Courses

Horticulture Courses

CourseEstimated total fees
Diploma of Horticulture$22,650.00
Certificate II in Horticulture$6,240.00
Certificate III in Horticulture$6,240.00
Certificate IV in Horticulture$6,240.00
Diploma of Horticulture$6,240.00
Diploma of Horticulture$9,790.00
Certificate III in Horticulture$9,790.00
Master of Urban Horticulture$92,661.60
Graduate Diploma in Urban Horticulture$45,252.00
Associate Degree in Urban Horticulture$84,008.00
Master of Horticultural Science$69,980.00
Diploma of Landscape Design$24,720.00
Certificate III in Horticulture$12,040.00
Diploma of Horticulture$17,000.00
Certificate IV in Permaculture$15,100.00
Diploma of Permaculture$13,750.00
Diploma of Horticulture$26,094.00
Certificate III in Arboriculture$16,865.00
Certificate III in Horticulture$14,000.00
Diploma of Horticulture$14,000.00
Certificate III in Nursery Operations$15,000.00
Certificate IV in Production Horticulture$15,000.00
Diploma of Production Horticulture$18,000.00
Diploma of Nursery Management$18,000.00
Certificate II in Production Horticulture$6,560.00
Certificate IV in Horticulture$12,200.00
Certificate IV in Production Horticulture$12,000.00
Diploma of Production Horticulture$14,250.00
Certificate II in Horticulture$6,200.00
Certificate III in Horticulture$6,800.00
Diploma of Horticulture$12,500.00
Certificate III in Horticulture$10,946.00
Diploma of Horticulture$8,600.00
Certificate III in Horticulture$14,000.00
Certificate III in Horticulture$12,000.00
Diploma of Horticulture$12,000.00
Certificate IV in Horticulture$8,000.00
Certificate II in Horticulture$7,150.00
Certificate III in Horticulture$14,300.00
Certificate IV in Horticulture$11,700.00
Diploma of Horticulture$15,600.00
Certificate III in Horticulture$14,750.00
Certificate IV in Horticulture$16,850.00
Diploma of Horticulture$24,000.00
Certificate III in Horticulture$12,200.00
Certificate III in Horticulture$12,200.00
Certificate IV in Horticulture$14,200.00

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