Agriculture Courses in Australia

Agricultural Science, Agriculture, n.e.c., Animal Husbandry

Agricultural Science Courses

CourseEstimated total fees
Master of Rural Science$72,712.00
Master of Science in Agriculture$72,712.00
Bachelor of Rural Science$131,400.00
Bachelor of Agriculture$99,800.00
Bachelor of Agriculture / Bachelor of Laws$163,000.00
Bachelor of Agriculture/Bachelor of Business$131,400.00
Bachelor of Agriculture$30,672.00
Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management$94,872.00
Bachelor of Agricultural Science$96,146.00
Master of Agricultural Science$64,128.00
Master of Agriculture$48,096.00
Graduate Certificate in Agricultural Business Management$16,032.00
Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture$16,032.00
Graduate Certificate in Agriculture$16,032.00
Bachelor of Agricultural Science$146,635.00
Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Honours)$45,589.00
Graduate Certificate in Agricultural Science$22,314.00
Graduate Certificate in Animal Science$22,314.00
Master of Agricultural Science$71,456.00
Master of Agricultural Science$96,286.00
Master of Animal Science$71,456.00
Master of Animal Science$96,286.00
Bachelor of Sustainable Agriculture$43,504.00
Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Science$49,107.00
Master of Philosophy$101,630.00
Doctor of Philosophy (Sustainable Futures)$125,800.00
Master of Agricultural Science (by Research)$80,400.00
Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences with Honours$156,800.00
Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences$117,600.00
Bachelor of Agriculture$117,600.00
Associate Degree of Agriculture$78,400.00
Bachelor of Agriculture$146,344.00
Bachelor of Agriculture (Degree with Honours)$46,148.00
Master of Agricultural Sciences$92,202.40
Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Sciences$45,028.00
Graduate Certificate in Agricultural Sciences$22,564.00
Master of Science in Agricultural Innovation$97,383.00
Master of Science (Advanced) in Agricultural Innovation$97,383.00
Bachelor of Science (Crop and Pasture)$99,570.00
Bachelor of Science (Crop and Pasture) (Honours)$33,190.00
Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences / Bachelor of Business$131,520.00
Higher Degree by Research Preliminary (Natural & Agricultural Sciences)$43,515.00
Doctor of Philosophy (Agriculture) (Agricultural Economics, Plant & Soil Sciences)$193,260.00
Master of Science (thesis and coursework)$41,815.00
Master of Agricultural Science$87,030.00
Master of Philosophy (Agricultural Economics, Plant$96,630.00
Master of Research (Agricultural Economics, Plant and Social Science)$96,630.00
Bachelor of Science and Master of Agricultural Science (Agriculture Science & Technology)$169,660.00
Bachelor of Science and Master of Agricultural Economics$169,660.00
Bachelor of Agricultural Science$125,457.00
Bachelor of Agricultural Science and Bachelor of Commerce$166,032.00
Bachelor of Agricultural Science and Bachelor of Science$167,276.00
Bachelor of Agricultural Science and Bachelor of Arts$152,576.00
Bachelor of Agriculture$99,360.00
Bachelor of Agricultural Technology and Management$105,840.00
Master of Research (Agriculture)$78,600.00
Master of Science (Agriculture and Food Security)$77,600.00
Graduate Diploma in Agriculture and Food Security$38,800.00
Master of Agricultural Science$72,400.00
Bachelor of Agricultural Science$151,527.00
Master of Applied Science (Agricultural Science) (C/w)$62,983.00
Bachelor of Applied Science (Agriculture and Business)$111,669.00
Bachelor of Agricultural Science with Honours$151,527.20
Certificate IV in Agriculture$14,000.00
Bachelor of Sustainable Agriculture and Food$96,900.00
Master of Science (Plant Science)$62,000.00
Doctor of Philosophy (Plant Science)$122,000.00
Certificate III in Rural Operations$12,000.00
Diploma of Agriculture$15,600.00

Animal Husbandry Courses

Agriculture, n.e.c. Courses

CourseEstimated total fees
Doctor of Philosophy (Agriculture) 4 Years$131,400.00
Doctor of Philosophy (Agriculture)$99,800.00
Bachelor of Animal Science$131,400.00
Bachelor of Animal Science$99,800.00
Associate Degree in Farm Production$30,368.00
Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture$15,672.00
Graduate Diploma of Sustainable Agriculture$31,344.00
Master of Sustainable Agriculture$47,716.00
Bachelor of Wildlife Science$153,635.00
Bachelor of Wildlife Science (Honours)$46,923.00
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture$192,160.00
Doctor of Philosophy in Agriculture$207,760.00
Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Agriculture)$218,360.00
Bachelor of Resource Economics$192,160.00
Doctor of Philosophy in Agriculture (Cotutelle)$1.00
Master of Agriculture and Environment$74,722.50
Graduate Diploma in Agriculture and Environment$49,315.00
Master of Ecosystem Management and Conservation$94,957.60
Bachelor of Science$99,570.00
Doctor of Philosophy (Agriculture) and Graduate Certificate in Research$153,568.00
Bachelor of Agriculture (Honours)$35,950.00
Diploma of Agriculture$14,030.00
Certificate IV in Agriculture$11,580.00
Certificate III in Agriculture$11,030.00
Diploma of Organic Farming$13,360.00
Associate Degree in Agriculture and Technology$56,936.00
Bachelor of Agriculture and Technology$85,404.00
Diploma of Agriculture$20,069.00
Graduate Certificate in Regenerative Agriculture$18,800.00
Graduate Diploma of Regenerative Agriculture$35,600.00
Diploma of Regenerative Agriculture$31,600.00
Certificate I in Racing (Stablehand)$4,400.00
Certificate II in Horse Care$4,400.00
Diploma of Agriculture$16,000.00
Diploma of Agriculture$18,000.00
Advanced Diploma of Agribusiness Management$12,000.00
Certificate III in Agriculture$13,000.00
Diploma of Agriculture$15,000.00
Certificate III in Agriculture$13,000.00
Certificate IV in Agriculture$13,000.00